Company Profile

Company Profile

Ishfaq & Company

Ishfaq & Company was established with a dynamic vision of becoming a leading exporter and distributor of Pakistan in the rice industry. Today Ishfaq & Company is one of the leading exporters and distributor, providers of superior quality and variety of rice and other food items from Pakistan with over 15 years of experience in the rice industry. Ishfaq and company is the leading 1121 sella basmati rice exporter from Pakistan operating art processing plants. Its products reach over 15 countries worldwide


Ishfaq and Company ensure quality products and service excellence for total customer satisfaction and endeavor to develop the state of art technology and resources to meet the demands of competitive global markets.



Ishfaq and Company vision is to provide quality products, fairness in dealing and efficient services with promise and an assurance of personal service and to promote creative and innovative management to cope up with the changing environment.




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